What our students say about us:

Ghazi M

"Negotiating with my international clients is so much easier since I started lessons with Speakily"

Kim C.

I've really improved my English speaking and pronunciation. The teachers are very friendly. Cheers!

Lucille E

Your lessons are very useful for my work. I can speak more easily with our foreign clients.

Lucille E Excellent


With a bit of motivation, a bit of time and the right learning method


Learn To Speak English: Easily, Fluently, Confidently!

Enjoy live online classes with native English speaking tutors in the serenity of your own home or office.
What we offer:

Affordable Private Personalised Classes!

Get affordable private online classes with one of our certified, native English tutors! Only regular practice will ensure that you make fast progress. Practice speaking English every day at a time and place that is convenient to you.
Private classes available 24 hrs day / 7 days a week.

100% Convenient! Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

All you need to access is an Internet connection and a microphone. Available on your computer, tablet or mobile phone*. No need for specialised computer knowledge or to download any software. Available 24 hrs day / 7 days a week.
*iOS coming soon.

Professional Native English Speaking Tutors

You will learn from certified, trained native English speakers from all over the world. Exposure to different accents, intonations and pronunciation is perfect training for speaking English in the real world! Our tutors will keep you motivated and help you to quickly obtain your learning goals.

General English, Business English, Specialised English

Our trained professional tutors are proud to offer lessons that are tailor made to suit all English levels and learning goals.  Whether you are looking to improve your general English, business English or you need to train for a specific event like a a job interview or presentation, our tutors are there to make sure that you succeed.

Improve Your English, Widen Your World!

People who speak English:

Enjoy travelling more!

Just imagine…

  • Feeling more confident when speaking and understanding English.
  • Enjoying a friendly conversation with the locals when travelling and having easy access to information.
  • Impressing your family and friends with your new English speaking skills.

Become more valuable at work!

Just imagine…

  • Getting that promotion you’ve been dreaming of!
  • Easily understanding telephone calls, conference calls and emails in English.
  • Gaining confidence and the ability to engage in business discussions and negotiations.

Open new doors!

Just imagine…

  • Popular movies, music and books become more enjoyable and more meaningful!
  • Expanding your horizon! English speakers have access to more information and knowledge than non-English speakers.
  • Joining the global conversation! 800,000,000+ Internet users speak English, join them now!

Enjoy quick results with native English speaking tutors …. without the high cost!

Students from all over the world enjoy our online English classes

What Our Students Say About Us

Sophie F.

I love that I can take lessons at home or at work, I don't lose time travelling to a class.

Jean Louis P.

My daily lesson helps maintain my English level and keeps my brain sharp. The tutors are great!

Jean Louis P. Friendly teachers

Kim C.

I've really improved my English speaking and pronunciation. The teachers are very friendly. Cheers!

Dramatically improve your English! Enjoy the success that comes with speaking English.