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Speak English and enjoy greater financial rewards: discover how!

When you speak English can greatly improve your earning potential. Find out why!

Did you know that lots of employers pay a premium for the right diplomas, for experience and for people who speak English? Also, you will be able to earn more money by doing the same job in a larger or multinational company? Speaking English will improve your earning potential, here’s why!

What are the benefits of speaking English?

To speak English fluently is one of the best skills to acquire. It will help you to tap into new opportunities in your home country and abroad. Experts say there are a variety of methods you can use to enhance your earnings potential as well as enhance your overall worth in the workplace. You don’t necessarily have to land a promotion to start earning more money. Showcasing your talents, English speaking skills and seeking out new opportunities, will leverage your worth. Furthermore, it will allow you to move up the career ladder.

According to recent research, businesses are increasingly looking for employees who speak English fluently. In a recent survey, 90% of CEOs, HR Directors and CMOs indicated that fluent English-speaking employees are an essential part of their businesses strategy.

Why your earning potential improves when you speak English?

You’ll be able to find more job opportunities  

Many large corporations around the world expect their workers to speak English. In some cases, these corporations require their employees to only speak English, even in countries whose first language is not English. As the world becomes more inter-connected, large businesses need their employees to speak more languages, especially English. Right now, English is the primary language used in business. English enables people from totally different countries and cultures to speak with each other.

English is the primary language used in business

learn to speak english online classesImagine that a business person from Germany, who speaks English, German and a little bit of French, is negotiating a business deal with somebody from France. The French person speaks a little bit of German and French. Even though these people can communicate a little in German and French, the business contracts and negotiations will still be held in English. The French person will need to use their basic English to speak with the potential international clients! In this situation, an employee with competent English skills will be highly valued.

You could potentially earn additional income.

According to a recent survey, people who speak English as a second language have the capacity to command as much as a 30 percent increase in wages. The number of professional roles available to English-speakers has increased. US corporations are looking abroad for market growth more than ever before.

Job seekers who speak English get more offers.

When it comes to employability, having a second language is extremely valuable. Being bilingual can place your job application on the top of the pile, in front of monolingual candidates. The employment choices available to those who have a good command of English as a second language is also greater. Even if the majority of the people in your firm don’t speak English, being the resident “English expert” suggests that you’ll be given new opportunities, whether it is operating with foreign purchasers or going abroad. Wherever you are or whatever stage you’re at in your career, English will help get you to the top more quickly!

You can improve your self-confidence

speak English improve career - SpeakilyMost individuals in the world want to speak another language. ‘I speak English fluently’, is a skill that the majority of active workers would like to add to their resume. With a little bit of studying every day, you’ll be able to develop this talent. Then you’ll enjoy the multifaceted benefits of speaking with a large number of people.

Learning a second language takes motivation and determination, this is common knowledge. People will automatically respect your commitment to learning English. Your ability to help and communicate with people from all over the world will automatically earn you respect amongst your peers and friends who do not speak a second language.

In general, foreigners will want to know about you and your perspective on things. They will be interested in you and your expertise in life. You will be able to share your thoughts, hopes, fears and opinions with somebody from another culture. These exchanges are not only interesting, they will also make you feel special and more confident!

There is no question that people who speak English as a second language enjoy more opportunities and advantages both socially and professionally than monolingual people.

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