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Free English Test: Common Words That English Learners Get Wrong

To this quick free English test and find out if these common English words are confusing for you?

Do you know when to use ‘through’ instead of ‘threw’? Do you often mix up  ‘too’, ‘to’, and ‘two’? English learners often get confused by words that sound the same or belong to a similar word group. Take this mini free English test and find out if get confused and make mistakes.

Learning how to use these common words correctly will greatly improve your English. Do you make common English mistakes? See how well you use common English words by taking the quick free English test below:

She could not ______ that she was wrong.
I like all vegetables _____ cabbage.
They have ______ to the theatre twice this week.
They have ______ to live in New York.
______ I drink 5 cups of coffee. I think I should drink less.
You shouldn't wear your  ______ shoes when you attend a special event like a wedding.
She was  ______ upset to find out that her husband had lied to her.
The children were so  ______ , their mother was worried that they were doing something naughty.
I'm looking for that  ______ you use to open tin cans.
There was  ______ all over the floor, it was impossible to walk.
She  ______ around the shops for 2 hours looking for the perfect gift for her husband.
I  ______ if the supermarket will be open on bank holiday Monday.

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