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Free English Test: Do you make these common mistakes?

Do you make common mistakes when you speak or write English? Find out with the free English test: ‘Common English Words’

Do you sometimes find that English speakers smile inappropriately or even laugh when you haven’t said anything funny. Well, it’s very possible that you are making simple common mistakes. Simple mistakes can transform your sentence into something that you didn’t intend and it can often be humorous for the listener. Speakily’s quick free English test will allow you to know whether you are making common mistakes.

Many basic English words can be confusing, even for advanced speakers. Surprisingly some native English speakers still get caught out and make simple common mistakes.

Discover which basic English words are often used incorrectly by English learners. Do you also make these common English mistakes?

Test your knowledge with this quick free English test. Find out if you make any of these common mistakes when you speak English. Simply create your free account using the quick sign up form below, select the word that fits the sentence correctly then click the ‘Get Results’ button.

Select the word that best corresponds with the correct sentence, and click the “Get Results” button.

Pete: I don't like musicals.
Steve: I don't like them _____.
Pete: I don't like musicals.
Steve: Me _____, I don't like them.
The brakes on her bicycle were _____. It was dangerous!
Careful, you don't want to _____ your keys.
The film was so ______ that I fell asleep.
I was so ______ that I fell asleep.
I  ______ forget to call home tonight.
I  ______ to call home tonight.
He ate  ______ chocolate than his sister.
She ate  ______ chocolate cakes than her brother.
The children were  ______ a lot of noise playing football in the street.
The children were  ______ their homework with their mother.

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