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How to learn english online in 1 month: 6 free easy-to-follow tips

How to learn english online?

Learn how to learn english online. Do you need to improve your English quickly for an exam, for your new job interview or to enjoy a trip abroad? There are many methods to learn English and to make rapid progress.

Speakily offers you 6 useful tips that you can practice easily from home:

improve your English

1. Watch TV channels in English on the internet:

There are many resources that allow you to watch English TV on the internet for free. For example, VOA News, BBC World Service Radio, BBC Learning English (YouTube Channel), etc.


2. Watch movies in their original language:

Watch your favourite movies and TV series in their original language. This is one of the best learning methods to make progress quickly.

3. Read books every day in English:

You can read books in English. You can also visit websites that are written in English. The main thing is to stick to it! Read books, newspaper or articles in blogs every day.

4. Listen to podcasts:

The advantage of podcasts is that you can listen to them wherever you want; when you’re in your car, taking public transports or waiting for the doctor, etc.

how to learn english online


5. Have the courage to speak out:

If you have a friend who speaks English very well, you should offer to talk with him / her regularly. If you can practice with English-speaking people that would be even better.


6. Remember to take notes:

We are not talking about taking notes on everything but only to note down a few words or expressions from time to time. Have you ever heard of an expression that you didn’t understand when you’re watching a movie? Write it down and look for the meaning… Then you won’t forget it anymore!

To improve your English quickly, the most important thing is to spend some time practicing. Doing it 3 or 4 hours per week will help you to improve quickly. The calculation of the time is very easy: watch part of a movie, a TV series (45 minutes per episode), listen to podcasts, watch news programs, and programs in English…

To accelerate the learning process, you can also choose the online English courses in real-time with native teachers and you will truly improve your English in a month!

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