Improve your English Listening Skills

8 Ways To Improve Your English Listening Skills With Movies

Watching movies is a great, fun way to quickly improve your English listening skills.

There are many benefits to watching English movies, the most obvious is that this is a simple way to effortlessly improve your English listening skills.

  • You will hear how English is pronounced correctly with different accents and intonation.
  • You will hear how vocabulary and grammar are used by native speakers. 
  • You will experience how English slang, colloquialisms and idioms are used correctly. 

The more you listen to how English is used by native speakers in different contexts the quicker your speaking capability will improve.

1. Get used to watching movies without subtitles

Watching without subtitles trains you to listen attentively and keep up with the conversation. When you have a conversation you do not have time to translate words and sentences. A real conversation moves quickly and demands an instant response. Training yourself to listen to English without subtitle support is excellent preparation for following real-life exchanges with native speakers.

2. Listen to the movie for a short time every day.

Watch for ten to fifteen minutes per day at first. It is important to concentrate when you are listening. If you listen for too long you will become saturated and find it difficult to concentrate. You may even lose interest in the movie and get discouraged. Short bouts of regular listening are better than watching the whole movie in one go.

3. Watch, rewind and watch again.

Listen to the movie many times until you understand most of it. Get used to using that repeat button. Listen, rewind and listen again until you can pick up as much of the language that is used in the movie.

4. Listen and repeat what you hear.

Repeating is the best way to learn a how a language is used naturally. Try to repeat the sentences exactly as they are said in the film. Try to duplicate the same speech patterns that the actors use in the film.

Improve your English Listening Skills


5. Relax and engage in passive listening

Listen to the move while you do your housework or get ready to go to work. This type of passive learning is an easy, relaxing way to naturally absorb a new language.


6. Talk about the movie

Tell someone about the what you have watched. Use the vocabulary and expressions you have heard in the movie. If you don’t have anyone to talk, describe the scenes and storyline to yourself. The point is to use the language that you have heard in the movie. This is also an excellent way to get used to hearing yourself speaking in English.

7. Keep a note of new vocabulary

Note down any new words or expressions that you have heard. Make two or three sentences using the new vocabulary. Repeating these sentences out loud will help you to remember them.

8. Choose different types of movies

Comedies, crime investigations, thrillers, horror films, documentaries, animations: each movie theme targets different styles of language. For example, a movie involving a criminal court case will feature formal language and legal vocabulary whereas a Disney animation will contain language that is more accessible to all age groups. Watch several movies based on a similar theme. You will find that they use similar language and that listening gets easier the more you practice. When you think you have mastered one movie theme move onto another one.

If you watch one English movie a week using these 8 essential tips you will quickly Improve your English Listening Skills. Watching movies will become easier and more enjoyable. Over time you will find that it understand more and more without needing to rewind and take notes. You will feel more confident when you meet an English speaker. Engaging in a conversation will feel more natural as your listening and understanding become second nature. Another great way to improve your English is through watching and reading news articles, find out more here. 

What is your favourite movie in English? Do you watch English movies with subtitles? What movie do you recommend to improve your English Listening Skills? Leave your comments below.

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