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Learn English: British English and American English differences

You want to learn English? Which one? American English or British English?

You would like to learn English but you have difficulty in choosing the right style or you don’t know the difference between American English and British English. So which is better? Choose the one that best fits your own goals!

Today, English is regarded as an essential language, but it’s so difficult to choose between American English and British English. There are a lot of differences between the two languages when you learn English, especially on the pronunciation and the spelling of certain words. You cannot understand the Americans because they speak too fast ; or do you prefer the American style? The important thing is to choose the English style that you like and that you can understand better, while also fulfilling your learning goals, professional objectives and other targets.

learn english American British differences

Here is a list of words that are spelled differently in American English and British English:

-ED vs. -T

American British
dreamed dreamt
learned learnt
leaped leapt
burned burnt

-ZE vs. -SE

American British
analyze analyse
criticize criticise
memorize memorise

-ER vs. -RE

American British
center centre
meter metre
theater theatre

-OR vs. -OUR

American British
color colour
favorite favourite
honor honour
armor armour

-OG vs. -OGUE

American British
analog analogue
catalog catalogue
dialog dialogue

Without any doubt, knowing about these differences will be really useful when you are selecting the language that you want to be more proficient in. Fulfill your dreams of speaking English fluently and don’t let go of this opportunity. Practice your English every day until it becomes your second nature!

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