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Learn English Online – 6 Hot Tips To Quickly Improve Your English

Learn English Online. Discover these simple, practical tips that will help you to improve your English.

What is the best method to learn English online? Learning English can quickly become frustrating. Many people give up before making any real progress which unfortunately reinforces their feeling that they are ‘just not good at languages’.

You can quickly make progress in speaking English and gain confidence by following these simple painless steps. Remember: The more you practice the quicker you will see progress.

1. Listen to English every single day.

It could be a song, a short news article, a short documentary. It doesn’t really matter what it is. What matters is that you listen to English that is intended for a native English speaking audience. Do not worry if you do not understand the text 100%. What’s important is that you listen to the natural rhythms and language used. Train your ear to pick out the key vocabulary by listening out for keywords at first. The more short regular listening practice you get, the easier it will become. With practice you will notice that you are able to distinguish more words and expressions which will automatically integrate into your thought process and speech.

2. Only listen to videos and read articles that have been produced for native English speakers.

English language text books and exercises can be useful to fine tune a specific language point, but they do not teach you ‘real, natural’ English as it is used by native speakers. It is for this reason that many people who have only studied English via traditional English text books have so much trouble understanding real English. It is important to get into the habit of reading or listening to programs and articles that are intended for English speakers.

learn English online - SpeakilyThere are endless possibilities to hear real English today:

3. Learn short sentences and phrases and not individual words.

When you discover a new word write it down in a complete sentence that has meaning for you. The word will be easier to remember if you place it within a meaningful context. Repeat saying this full sentence in your head and out loud.
If you want to double the learning impact watch short videos that use your new word. There are many free videos online today in English. To find a video that uses your new word simply go to youtube.com and make a search with your new word. Use the Youtube filters to find short videos and then simply listen to how your new word is used in the ‘real world’. Focus on hearing your word rather than getting too caught up in understanding the entire video. This is also an excellent way to develop your listening skills.

4. Don’t study grammar.

It is better to read a short simple article or listen to a short video than it is to spend hours studying grammar. Choose a short, simple article or video that has been created for an English speaking audience. It is the only way to hear the natural rhythm of the spoken language and the natural vocabulary used in the right context.

5. Repetition and practice, the more the better.

Listen to English and repeat what you hear as many times as possible. This is the best way to ensure that the new language is internalised.

 6. Speak English as often as possible.

Find a native speaker or tutor to speak to as often as you can. Short exchanges several times a week are better than one long session once a week. You can spend hours listening to English but only by speaking, making mistakes and being corrected will you increase your English speaking level. Find a native English speaker who will ask you questions and gently correct your most obvious mistakes (but not every mistake that you make). To make even faster progress, prepare a subject or topic that you want to talk about in advance. The English speaker should ask questions so that you can use your newly acquired language in a meaningful way. This will also help you to think quickly in English.

Do you practice English every day? What is your favourite tip to improving your English? What programs do you enjoy watching? Share your experiences and favourite programs in the comments section below.

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