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Learn English phrases: 10 smart phrases to express your anger elegantly!

Do you have times when you have no words to express your anger? Learn English phrases that will help you with Speakily!

It feels really bad when you just cannot express your feelings in the right way. Learn English phrases that will help you to explain that you are angry elegantly without hurting the person that you’re talking to? Find out!

Learn English phrases and expressions about anger:

  • To scream bloody murder : To cry or to scream bloody murder means to shout very loudly in protest to something. It is often used in American English and British English. For example: “He was so upset about the housing tax increased, he screamed bloody murder.”
  • Besides oneself : This means that you cannot control yourself because the emotion is really so strong. For example: “I was so beside myself hearing about what he had done.”
  • At one’s wits’ end : Use it when you have no solution to a problem and you are very worried. For example: “He was at his wits’ end, he’d looked everywhere and hadn’t found his cat.”
  • For crying out loud: Like “Oh my God”, this phrase is used when somebody is angry, surprised, or if he has a strong demand of something. For example: “Don’t worry about money all the time, for crying out loud!”
  • Have steam coming out of one’s ears: You might have seen this kind of scenes in old cartoon movies. This means that someone is really angry. For example: “After hearing the bad news, he looked like steam was coming out of his ears.” 

learn English phrases angry anger

  • Drive somebody up the wall / drive somebody mad: Us this is someone or something is really annoying. For example: “Those people really drive me up the wall! They never stop talking?”
  • Hit the ceiling: This is another vivid expression meaning that someone is very angry. For example: “When Emily came home at three in the morning, her father hit the ceiling.”
  • Make somebody’s blood boil: This means that the person is extremely angry. For example: “It really makes my blood boil when somebody lies to me.”
  • Tear your/my/her hair out: This will happen if someone is extremely angry or anxious. For example: “No matter how much he tried he couldn’t understand how to fix his car. He wanted to tear his hair out.”
  • Go bananas: This is a slang used when someone is angry, crazy or silly. For example: “Don’t go bananas just because you lost the quiz.”

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