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Learn English phrases: 6 common idioms related to food and drink

Learn English phrases with Speakily! Do you know there are a lot of common English expressions that include food and drink in them?

If you learn English idioms and expressions, it will be easier for you to express yourself. We all need to eat and drink every day, and because of this, a great deal of food and drink references have appeared in English idioms and expressions. Here are 6 idioms that are related with foods!

  1. bad egg: It means that a person is often in trouble. For example: “He is one bad egg among the friends that I know about.”
  2. cry over spilled milk: To waste time getting upset about something that has happened that you cannot do anything about. For example: “So what is the use of crying over spilled milk? Just forget it and focus on other things!”
  3. full of beans (we can also say “full of life”): It means having a lot of energy and enthusiasm. For example: “He became full of beans after knowing about the plan of the project.”
  4. small beer / small fry: Something that is not so important. For example: “Such ideas are just small beer / fry.”
  5. use your noodle: Here the words “noodle” is a slang that means “brain”, so “use your noodle” is the same thing as “use your brain”. For example: “You’d better use some noodles on this thing.”
  6. in the soup: The state of being stuck in difficulties or in serious trouble. For example: “We’ll really land in the soup if the train is late.”

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