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Learn English speaking skills: Discover 4 easy tips that will help you to learn English effortlessly.

Many people spend years studying to learn English speaking skills. Even after years of studying, often when they go to an English speaking country they realise that they cannot say even one sentence correctly. An accomplished learner is able to speak English in many different situations. To speak English fluently you need to focus on developing language skills that will allow you to communicate effectively in real life situations.

You should spend time communicating in English instead of just studying English. There is more to learning English than spending your whole time studying. You should talk with other peoples, listen to podcasts, watch movies, surf the Internet, write emails, and practice speaking in English as much as possible. Treat the English language like it is your best friend.

English is an interesting language to learn. It is considered relatively easy and accessible to learn, with more than 750,000 words and spelling it can easily throw off even the most skilled English learner. Learning English in 2 or 3 months can seem impossible. But it is not impossible – as long as you have the proper planning and right strategy in place.

Even you can learn English speaking skills without even trying.

1. Stop Being a Student

Having the right attitude and proper planning can make the difference between success and failure. Stop thinking that you are someone who is learning English speaking skills, and start thinking that you are someone who speaks English fluently. It is a small change, but this small change will make you feel more confident and also help you to use the English language you already know in a more effective manner.

2. Get More out of Listening

When English learners listen to native English-speakers online or offline, they only focus on understanding the meaning of all the words they hear. While this is very important, there is a lot more you can pick up and easily learn from listening. When listening to native English speakers do not only focus on what the words mean, but also try to learn how the speaker is saying them. Notice which words the native English speaker links together in a sentence, or when the speaker says “ya” instead of “you.” Try to remember and repeat all of the things you have learned when listening. This way the next time you speak English your English-speaking will begin to sound more natural.

3. Chat with Friends Online

learn English speaking skills - SpeakilyThis is one of the best ways to learn English speaking while chatting with your friends. Instead of text chatting with your friends with your keyboard, make a voice call or video call instead? This way, you can practice English speaking in a conversational way. This will be great, effective practice for you and your friend.
One of the most useful and effective voice and video chat apps is Skype. After downloading Skype for free, sign up for a free account and start adding your family members and friends to your contacts list.
Other Apps you can use for this purpose is Viber or WhatsApp. Install the applications on your smartphone or tablet, and you will be able to make free calls and start talking to your friends in your contact list.

4. Enjoy Music to Learn English

Everyone loves to listen to music. A large percentage of popular music in the world is produced in English. Nowadays even foreign singers are joining the club and producing their music in the English language. Instead of just listening to the music for entertainment purposes, use it to improve your English language skills. Without even making an effort, every time you listen to your favorite song you’re learning English. The best thing about learning the English language from songs that you love is that they are catchy. Usually the language used in the songs is everyday English, so the English that you’re learning is exactly the same as that used by the average English speaking person.

Do you listen to English everyday? What are you favourite English programmes or songs? Join the conversation, leave your comments below.

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