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Improve Your English Vocabulary: Learn 8 Easy, Fun Techniques

It is important to improve your English vocabulary if you want to increase your ability to communicate effectively.

How to learn English vocabulary effortlessly. While there is nothing wrong with asking for help when you speak English by asking ‘how do you say?’ or by saying ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know the exact word’, the conversation will flow more freely, and your confidence will increase, when you can pinpoint the exact word needed to express yourself perfectly. Here are some helpful, easy, fun tips that will help you to effortlessly increase your vocabulary.

Quickly Improve Your English Vocabulary: 8 fun techniques

1. Read a short article every day

Spend 10 -15 minutes a day reading a short news or magazine article and you will see that your English vocabulary will increase very quickly. It is important that you select an article that has been written with an English speaking audience in mind. There are hundreds of resources online: news article, video game review, film reviews, beauty tips, housekeeping advice or music reviews.

Here are just a few that offer high-quality articles in English
learn to speak english onlineBBC – International News
IMDB – Movies and TV Series Reviews
GameSpot -Video Game news and reviews
Instyle – Women’s fashion, celebrity gossip, beauty tips
GQ – Men’s fashion, culture, health tips
Good Housekeeping – Food, consumer advice, health, lifestyle

It doesn’t really matter what type of article you read, what is important is that you read regularly.

2. Learn a new word in a full sentence

It is easier to learn a new word in a meaningful sentence than it is on its own. A complete sentence will help you to remember new English vocabulary and teach you how to use the word in the right context. Some words may be appropriate for the office or boarding room but will sound stuffy if used with a group of friends on a Saturday night out. Alternatively, some slang is perfectly fine with close friends but should never be used in a business situation. To avoid embarrassing mistakes, always learn new words in a full sentence or in their context.

3. Make sentences with your new English vocabulary

Practice makes perfect. Practice using your new vocabulary by writing down 5 new sentences that contain the new word. Ask your native English speaking friend or tutor to check that the sentences do not contain errors. Practice using the new words by repeating your 5 new sentences. You can also make a search of your new word in youtube.com to find a video that contains your new word.

4. Flashcards

Flashcards are useful for repetitive practice of your sentences containing the new vocabulary. You can stick post-its around the house, on the bathroom mirror, in the toilet etc. Practice saying your sentences out loud. This will help you to remember them. Also, you will get used to mouthing the words and hearing yourself speaking in English.

5. Take notes

Get used to taking note of new English vocabulary or sentences that you hear on the TV, in songs, on the radio etc… Carry a small notebook or get into the habit of making a note on your phone. Write down the new word or expression as soon as you hear it and then, when you have time, repeat the process of making sentences and practicing the words.

6. Repetition

Repeat the new sentences as often as you can. Get into the habit of looking at you flash card for 5 minutes, two or three times a day. Remember, short repetitive bursts of study will bring greater results than long sessions once a week.

speak english easily with native speaking teachers

7. Speaking

Find a native English speaker who you can practice with. Share your new vocabulary with this person and let them know which topics and subjects you have recently been studying. It is important to use your new vocabulary in a meaningful conversation. This will help you to remember the words more easily.

8. Be patient

You may sometimes feel frustrated. You may feel that you’re getting nowhere, but consistent regular study will bring positive results. Be patient, be persistent, and you will be amazed at how quickly your English improves and are able to handle more intricate meaningful conversations in English.

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How do you learn new English words and expressions? Which English websites do you enjoy reading? Share your best learning tips and experiences in the comments section below.

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