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Learn English Vocabulary: Homophones and Homonyms

Learn English vocabulary with Speakily! We are going to discover two important concepts in English learning: homophones and homonyms.

They are often confused by beginner learning when they learn English vocabulary:

  1. Homophones: Words that sound alike but have different spellings or meanings, for example some and sum. Example: He took a large sum of money from his bank account to buy some expensive new clothes.
  2. Homonyms: Words that sound alike and are spelt the same, but have different meanings. For example, for the word “can” is a verb that means “to be able to” and it is also a noun meaning “a receptacle or a container”. Example: Can I help you to carry those large cans of food?

Did you understand these two concepts and can you identify different homophones and homonyms? Try this little test to check out how many homophones you know!

Learn English Vocabulary. Fill in the blanks with the correct words!

1. Some flowers have a very strong _______.
2. My grandmother is very _______ to me.
3. The woman next door often wears old _______ but they always look nice.
4. There is a fresh water _______ at the end of the garden.
5. _______ drops appear on the grass during the night.
6. He _______ the boat securely to stop it from floating away.
7. Dad pressed hard on the _______ to stop the car.
8. She noticed an ________ crawling on the strawberry.
9. Only _______ students attended class today.
10. The old door would _______ when you open it.
11. My library books are _____ back next week.
12. The grizzly ________ loves to hunt for food.
13. If I slept in a cave all winter I would turn _____.
14. Let's go into town this afternoon, I want to _______ some new shoes.

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