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Learn irregular English verbs with this cool Rap video!

Is it easy for you to learn irregular English verbs?

Learning irregular English verbs has suddenly become easier thanks to this English talented teacher who has created an amusing, innovative way to help his students remember the essential English irregular verbs.

Watch this video and learn irregular English verbs with MCFluency’s StickStuckStuck.
We’ve included the lyrics below so that you can follow along.

How to keep English irregular verb forms in your head!
Credited to and created by:  Fluency MC (Jason R. Levine): StickStuckStuck

Test your knowledge on English irregular verbs

learn English irregular verbs rap Speakily


The microphone I

Take (took, taken), you shake (shook, shaken),
wake (woke, woken) to the style I’m creating,
think (thought, thought), seek (sought, sought),
listen to the lesson that I teach (taught, taught),

Don’t sleep (slept, slept), I creep (crept, crept),
I sneak (snuck, snuck up), you leap (leapt, leapt),
I keep (kept, kept) having fun,
I’m never beat (beat, beaten); I win (won, won),
do (did, done), begin (began, begun),
shoot (shot, shot)—no, I don’t own a gun,
I lead (led, led) so I can feed (fed, fed),
the knowledge you need, straight to your head,
when I bring (brought, brought) it, you catch (caught, caught) it,
sit back relax, don’t fight (fought, fought) it,

Please don’t

Freeze (froze, frozen) when I speak (spoke, spoken),
it’s real, you can feel I don’t steal (stole, stolen),
I choose (chose, chosen) the very best rhymes and
write (wrote, written) them into my lines and
into your mind, when we meet (met, met)
I’ll bet (bet, bet) I won’t let you forget
(forgot forgotten), I get (got, gotten)
every head nodding, don’t think about stopping
just come (came, come),
this is hip hop, I don’t sing (sang, sung),
I sting (stung, stung), you cling (clung, clung),
on each and every word, you hang (hung, hung),

It’s not enough to

Dream (dreamt, dreamt); you’ve got to spend (spent, spent)
time on your goals, please lend (lent, lent) me your
ear, come near and ill lay (laid, laid)
down this new sound that I make (made, made),
I hope you don’t say that you think its junk,
I hope you don’t think that I stink (stank, stunk),
if you’re thirsty for English, come drink (drank, drunk),
because I sink (sank, sunk) all competition when they
hear (heard, heard) that I give (gave, given)
encouragement when I spit (spat, spat),
never quit (quit, quit); don’t sit (sat, sat),
yeah, I like it like that, ill even kneel (knelt, knelt),
and beg you to express what you feel (felt, felt),

I rise (rose, risen) when I drive (drove, driven) through
the beat; tap your feet as you ride (rode, ridden),
those that hide (hid, hidden) I find (found, found),
if you flee (fled, fled) then ill track you down,

Now you see (saw, seen) that I mean (meant, meant)
every word of the message that I send (sent, sent),
I show (showed, shown) I can fly (flew, flown),
like now you know (knew, known) I shine (shone, shone),
I throw (threw, thrown) you the ball, it’s your turn,
grow (grew, grown) with the verbs that you’ve learned,
grammar through lyrics I draw (drew, drawn),
peace to ELS, now I go (went, gone)!

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