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Learning English: Free test – Halloween culture special

Learning English is important, but it’s also good to learn about the anglo-saxon culture and traditions!

Halloween is a very popular holiday in Anglo-Saxon countries. October 31st is considered the night when ghosts and witches appears. Are you wondering why people disguise themselves as ghosts, witches, vampires or devils? In the past, people thought that spirits would return during this night to the Earth. So they did not leave their house because they were afraid of meeting an evil spirit. When they left their homes after dark, they wore masks and disguised themselves so that ghosts would mistake them with other spirits. Learning English is also the process of learning a very rich culture.

learning English Halloween culture special

Take Speakily’s little test and discover how much you know about Halloween monsters and ghosts. Answer the following quiz and test your understanding of the English language at the same time!

1. An animal that symbolizes evil and bad luck and is witch’s pet.
2. A hollowed out pumpkin with a face cut in one side and a candle put inside.
3. A small creature that catches insects in a web.
4. A spirit of a dead person represented as a pale, transparent image.
5. A woman with evil magic powers.
6. Large round vegetables with hard orange skin.
7. A large round metal container used for cooking over fire.
8. Children dress up frightening costumes and visit people’s homes to demand sweets.
9. A large grave, built of stone.
10. Nocturnal small animals that look like mice with wings.

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