learning english with news articles

Learning English? Make real progress with free news articles. Discover how!

When learning English, listening to the news every day will help you to make rapid progress. Discover why!

Learning English? Watching online news articles is an excellent learning practice that will help you to quickly improve your English. First of all, news articles are written by professional writers who use clear and direct language. They focus on current events that you are familiar with and therefore, they should be easier to understand. They cover subjects and issues that affect your daily life. They are likely to be interesting to you, which is always a bonus when learning English or any new language. You will be entertained and informed, while at the same time improving your English.

There are many benefits to learning English with news articles. The articles will expose you to current expressions, slang and vocabulary which will help you to reach fluency quickly. Listening to the news about popular and current events will leave you equipped to discuss interesting topics with your English speaking friends. You will be able to have a meaningful conversation about subjects that matter to you.  Finally, you will hear English being spoken by journalists from all over the world, which will vastly improve your listening skills.

Here is a collection of useful free online news sources that will help you to get started. The list covers a range of different accents, reporting styles and English levels.

Learning English with news articles:

CNN International – An American news channel that features national and international news, weather, sport and business
BBC World Service – International news, analysis and information with mainly British accents.
France 24 – English, Also available on TV networks in France
E-news Dispatch – Available in 3 levels: Advanced, Intermediate and Elementary
Euronews – International and European news in English. Also features politics, economics, sport and cultural events
Voice of America  (Youtube channel)-  English news coverage of the U.S, Asia, Africa and the Mideast.
ABC News – American news source covering breaking news, analysis, exclusive interviews and headlines.
CBS News – Promotes hard news stories, American and international.

Listening to news articles for a short time every day will dramatically improve your English.  You can listen to the news while doing other things like getting ready in the morning or travelling to and from work. Regular listening will help you to familiarise yourself with how English is currently used by native English speakers. You will learn English without even trying too hard. It is worthwhile spending time listening to the news program repeatedly until you understand all of the content. Alternatively, if you are pressed for time, read the associated article after listening. It will help you to identify any new vocabulary or expressions that you have heard.

Constant, regular listening to the news in English, for 10 – 15 minutes, will definitely help you to improve your English quickly.

Do you listen to the news in English? What is your favourite English news channel? How often do you listen? Share your experience below.

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