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Learning English Online With News Articles Top Tips

Learning English online with news articles is an excellent way to improve your English and quickly become fluent.

Learning English online is easy if you follow these simple tips. Spending ten to fifteen minutes a day listening to and reading English news articles will rapidly increase your fluency level. Improve your English online with news articles that use simple everyday English and common expressions. It is important to find authentic English news articles that have been written for native English speakers and not articles that have been adapted to English learners. You should listen to or read natural English, as it is used by American English and British English speakers in daily life.

Many news websites today post videos of events online, followed by a written account of the news article. This offers the ideal learning opportunity to develop your listening skills and vocabulary. The chances are that you will already have heard about the news article in your own language, and so it shouldn’t be too difficult to follow the main storyline and pick out the most important vocabulary.

learning english online with news articles

Learning English online: how to use online news articles to improve your English. 6 quick, simple steps that will quickly improve your English.

1. Find a short news article that interests you. It is important that the article contains a video and a written report.

2. First, listen to the English news video a few times picking out as many keywords as possible. It is important to train your ear to pick out words and expressions without reading. Train yourself to understand as much as possible. It is OK to guess the meaning. The aim is to understand without prompts; trust your instinct.

3. Second, read the article. You will find that the written article uses similar vocabulary to that used in the video. Use an online dictionary to translate any new words. Watch the news video again to see if you can hear any of the new words being used by the news reporter.

4. Use your new words straight away: Write down two or three new sentences containing the new words.

5. Practice saying your new words: Copy the sentences with the new words on to flashcards or post-its. Spend 5 minutes, two or three times a day, repeating these new sentences out loud. Repeating words in a sentence will help you to remember them.

6. Talk about the news article to a native English speaker. Describe what happened in the news article and how you feel about it. Try to use as much of the new vocabulary as possible. Your friend or tutor should ask you questions about the news event. This will help you to think more quickly in English and to repeat the language that you have heard and read.

If you practice these 6 simple steps twice a week you will soon notice that your English improves without even trying. Listening and understanding will become easier. Your vocabulary will increase and you will be able to express your thoughts and ideas naturally like a native English speaker.

Good sources for Learning English Online with news articles:
BBC News – British English
CNN – American English
Fox News – American English
Sky News – British English

Do you use new articles to improve your English? What are your favourite sources for news in English? Have you noticed that some news events are reported differently in your own language than they are in English? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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