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Learning English? Discover 8 Awesome Tips for Effective, Quick Progress

Learning English can be fun and easy. Have you always wanted to learn a new language but you’re afraid that the learning process will be long and tedious?

Well, don’t worry, help is at hand! With a few awesome tricks, you’ll discover that learning English is like playing a game. Follow these simple rules and you will progress much faster than you can imagine!

1. Clearly define your goals

You need a good reason to stay motivated when learning English: a trip abroad, communicating with foreign friends, learning English to get a promotion etc… Set a clear goal and you will stay the course!

2. Find someone to talk to

Find someone who has a better level of English than you and practice speaking to them regularly (at least once a week). This is an excellent exercise which will also keep you motivated!

Learning English: speaking english is easy with speakily

3. Speak, Speak, Speak!

Speak as much as possible in the language that you are learning! You’ll find that by making mistakes you will learn and improve! Don’t be afraid to talk to yourself. Record yourself and get into the habit of listening to yourself speak in English. This is the best way to make progress and to correct your mistakes!

4. Learning English with topics that interest you is easy!

If the subject does not interest you then you will quickly give up. To remain motivated, study topics that appeal to you. Select subjects that you are passionate about and wish to have a conversation about in English. For example: make a reservation, place an order in a restaurant or discuss the latest current events.

5. Have fun!

Do something fun: sing a song, write a story, read a book, watch a movie in V.O. or simply talk to someone.

learning english - order a pizza, chat with your neighbour

6. Set yourself small challenges!

Ask for directions on the street, order a pizza or better still, call a hotel in England and inquire about the rooms! Do not be afraid to make mistakes! The first 2 or 3 trials may be a bit difficult, but you’ll soon get the hang of it and have fun with it!

7. To learn effectively, you need to listen!

Listen to everything you possibly can: songs, movies, series, radio shows, interviews on the internet

 8. Be daring!

Don’t wait any longer! Start immediately and do a little bit every day!

By applying these techniques regularly, you will make progress without even realising it! And soon you will be ready to hold a simple conversation!

Do you practice speaking English every day? What techniques do you use to practice? Share your experience in the comments box below.

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