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1. Steven is __________.
2) __________ 15 people in the restaurant.
3) She __________ horror films.
4) Sorry, I can't go out. I __________ right now.
5) __________ a cup of tea? No, thank you.
6) Take the train. It is __________ than the bus.
7) Philip hates the water. He __________ swimming.
8) There aren't __________ chocolates left in the box.
9) Claire __________ swimming every day.
10) They __________ TV when there was a loud knock on the door.
11) James was busy last night, he __________ come out.
12) Carol plays the piano __________ anyone else I know.
13) This beach __________ by a lot of tourists during the summer.
14) He said that his children __________ to go to bed after they saw the scary film.
15) Did you buy the new shoes __________ were on sale?
16) I wasn't very excited about the new smartphone release. __________.
17) __________ this great TV series and I can't wait to see how it ends.
18) Sue __________ for a new wedding dress for months when she finally found one on the Internet.
19) If I hadn't stopped to talk to Sue, I __________ late for the meeting.
20) Do you think you __________ your work out soon? We need to go out.
21) They __________ a lot of time playing video games.
22) Could I __________ to the manager, please? I think I have been overcharged.
23) It's easier than you think to __________ debt.
24) Are you sure that you __________ the lights before leaving the house?
25) Claire will look __________ our plants when we go on holiday.