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Speak business English like a pro: Learn 30 useful phrases!

Have you ever found yourself frustrated in a meeting because you do not speak business English?

You have spent time learning English. Now is it’s time to learn business English and ensure that your next international business meeting is a success.

It is essential for entrepreneurs to speak English if they want to do business with other countries. Likewise English is imperative for anyone who wants to add value to their career and job prospects. That’s why Speakily has designed a list of 30 useful English phrases for entrepreneurs and business people, which will be very useful when negotiating or making a sale. Practice English daily and every day you will speak more fluently.

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Learn 30 useful English business phrases:

  1. We should meet up again soon
  2. I’d like to set up a meeting with you at your earliest convenience.
  3. Can we schedule a different date?
  4. Can we arrange a meeting next week?
  5. I’m going to keep this brief, as I know you’re busy.
  6. Can you handle this project
  7. Today I’m here to talk to you about…
  8. I would like to outline our plans for…
  9. Ok, we’ll see you in about two weeks
  10. I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have
  11. Can you offer us a discount if we order a large quantity?
  12. I understand that we can’t do that, but can we discuss some other alternatives?
  13. Excuse me for interrupting
  14. Can I give an opinion?
  15. I hear what you’re saying, but our bottom line is very clear on this one.
  16. I do not agree, I think the that it would be better to …
  17. We can start the meeting
  18. I can not understand what he’s saying.
  19. Can you explain yourself better?
  20. This is the deal breaker for us, we can’t budge.
  21. See you next time
  22. Any questions?
  23. When will the project be ready?
  24. I wonder if you could
  25. I need to discuss this with my ….
  26. Are you free to talk again next week?
  27. When could it be ready?
  28. I like your offer
  29. This product is necessary for…
  30. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Memorise these phrases for entrepreneurs and making business deals and remember that you can study English online with Speakily. Enjoy live online lessons with native speaking teachers and take lessons 24 hours a day. Our innovative teaching method will help you to achieve English fluency.

What are you waiting for to get started? Start learning today, now is the time! Reserve your English lesson with one of our trained teachers.

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  • Hannah Schroeder October 3, 2017

    I think the suggestion about discussing other alternatives would be really helpful for people to know. My sister wants to get a job in New York, but she’s worried that her business English isn’t good enough. It might be helpful for her to study some phrases like this so she’s prepared for an English-speaking job.


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