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Speak English Fluently, 12 Hot Tips To Reach Fluency Quickly

So, you want to speak English fluently? What is fluency?

Being able to speak English fluently can mean different things to different people. English learners often consider that they must speak English perfectly in order to be considered fluent. This is a misconception which puts a lot of pressure on English learners. Native English speakers often make mistakes and it doesn’t mean that they are not fluent.

Many popular dictionaries define fluency as:

  • the ability to speak easily and smoothly; especially : the ability to speak a foreign language easily and effectively
  • the ability to do something in a way that seems very easy

We believe that fluency is reached when someone can easily be understood and can understand most of what they hear or read. Aim to be able to engage in a meaningful conversation or exchange.

12 tips on how to speak English fluently, quickly.

1. Focus on one subject or topic until you know it well.
Practice the subject until you know it and it becomes part of you. You will soon be able to speak about this topic naturally.

2. Don’t be self conscious.
You sometimes make mistakes when speaking your native language and this doesn’t stop you speaking. So don’t be put off when you make common mistakes speaking English. Confidence is everything.

3. Practice, practice, practice.
The more you practice, the more you will build your confidence and confident speakers speak more naturally than self-conscious speakers. Speak English as often as you can.

4. Talk about subjects that matter to you.
Speaking about topics that are of no interest to you will not motivate you to learn more. Make sure that every time you speak English you talk about things that are important to you.

5. Engage in English every day.
It’s important to find English in different forms – in books, music, films, TV adverts, in the news, on the street – note down new words and expressions that you hear and try to use them in your next English conversation.

6. Learn from English that is intended for native English speakers.
It is the only way to speak like one.

7. Set a goal and a time frame to reach it.
Setting small goals will help you to reach your bigger objective. It could be to have a 5 minute conversation with your English neighbour or to understand a short English podcast before the end of the month. Practice for a short time every single day until you reach your goal. Then, when you have successfully achieved your goal, set a new one.

8. Prepare before you practice speaking.
Choose a subject that interests you. Listen to a short video or read a short article about your chosen subject. Note down any new words or expressions and make sure that you use them in your next conversation.

9. Find a native English speaker
who is willing to spend time talking to you for 15 – 20 minutes several times a week. They should support you by correcting some of your mistakes, but not every single mistake as this will make you lose confidence.

10. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.
Realising which mistake you make will give you the opportunity to correct them. It is the best way to make improvements. Taking our free English tests will help you to identify and correct common English mistakes.

11. Develop your listening skills.
Listen to different styles of authentic English as often as you can. Try to get a general comprehension of the program instead of focusing on understanding every single word.

12. Stay motivated!
You will stay motivated by setting small learning goals and focusing all your attention on reaching that goal.

Your next goal is to have a 10 minute conversation about a special event that you have experienced. Remember to prepare in advance. Research the vocabulary needed to speak about this event. Listen to short videos in English of similar events. Now you are ready to engage in a meaningful conversation with a native English speaker. Don’t forget to let us know how you get on. Good luck!

Regular, disciplined practice of these 12 hot tips will help you to quickly speak English fluently.

Do you practice English every day? What learning activities do you enjoy most? Are you afraid of making mistakes? How do you over come this? Share your experiences in the comments box below.

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