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Speak English when travelling: Learn 25 useful English phrases!

Is it difficult for you to speak English when you travel abroad?

If so, why not learn to speak English before your next international trip and make sure that your future travels are a success.

It is essential to speak English if you want to enjoy travelling in other countries. English is imperative for anyone who wants to communicate freely with people from other countries. That’s why Speakily has designed a list with 25 useful English phrases for travelling, which will be very useful when you need to ask for help or advice. Practice English daily and every day you will speak more fluently.

speak english travel

Learn 25 useful English phrases for travelling:

  1. Do you speak English?
  2. Can you speak more slowly?
  3. Can you write that down for me, please?
  4. Where can I find a bus / a taxi?
  5. Where is the nearest metro / train station?
  6. How often is the train / bus?
  7. Can you take me to the airport please?
  8. Can you help me, I am lost?
  9. Can you help me, I have lost my ____?
  10. Where can I get something to eat?
  11. No thank you, I am not interested.
  12. Do you have any rooms available?
  13. How much does this cost?
  14. Can you offer a discount?
  15. Do you take credit cards?
  16. Can I use your toilet?
  17. Can you show me how to get there on the map?
  18. Can you call the police please?
  19. I need a doctor. I have hurt my ______
  20. What time do you open / close?
  21. What is there to do around here?
  22. Is this a safe / dangerous place?
  23. I’d like to rent a car/bike/boat.
  24. Is it ok to park here?
  25. Thank you for you help.

Memorise these phrases for travelling and remember that you can study English online with Speakily, enjoy live online lessons with native speaking teachers and take lessons 24 hours a day. Our innovative teaching method will help you to achieve English fluency.

What are you waiting for to get started? Start learning today, now is the time!
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