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Learn English online. Speakily’s only purpose is to help you to speak English with confidence. Our online English classes are designed to help you to do just that!

Why bother learning English? English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. It is the language of science, technology, medicine, business, entertainment and tourism. If you can not speak English you are missing out on a wealth of possibilities. If you can not communicate with the rest of the world, you will lose business opportunities. You will limit your ability to travel freely and confidently. People who speak English enjoy greater career prospects. They have easy access to the global marketplace and a wider horizon. Today, you can easily learn English online, so what are you waiting for?


People who speak English have more opportunities

Why improve your English?
 Better job prospects  Enjoy travelling more  For cultural development
 Advance your career  Meet new friends  Watch films and series in V.O.
 Get easy access to more information  Get a salary increase  Have family living abroad
 Work abroad  Get personal satisfaction  Stimulate your mind


Why learning English with Speakily brings faster results than traditional language schools and self-study?

The best way to learn a new language is to speak it.  Many English language courses focus on grammar and repetition, often in a classroom with 15 – 20 other students. At best in this environment, you will manage to say a few words to a group of non-English speaking students.

Self-study entails listening to audio recordings alone and completing question and answering exercises. While these methods have their merits, if they are the only means of language learning that you are using then you are not learning to actually speak. You are not preparing for an eventual encounter with an English speaker in the real world.  Additionally, these methods of learning a second language can quickly become boring. If you are not motivated you will soon stop learning altogether.


Speakily has created a learning method that concentrates on real-life communication.

Learn English online SpeakilyLearn English online with teachers who focus on developing your speaking and listening skills so that you can enjoy an exchange with a real person. Our teachers are all trained professionals with years of experience teaching English as a second language. When you join Speakily, you will learn to speak English confidently by talking to your private teacher in our virtual classroom. You will interact with a whiteboard, videos and worksheets all while speaking in real time to your teacher, (visual and audio contact). Whether they are British, American or Australian, our trained teachers will help you to progress quickly, while respecting your level and learning goals. Your English accent will make your friends jealous. Your teacher will quickly put you at ease and encourage you to practice until you are able to speak English naturally. Speakily’s learning solution achieves excellent results with a unique and proven method. You will significantly improve your understanding and soon speak English easily and confidently.


What we offer!  Personalised English lessons with professional, trained native speaking teachers. Speakily is the number 1 place to quickly learn to speak English.


Our enjoyable online classes are designed to build your confidence, maximise your engagement and quickly achieve your English learning goals. Language immersion from home is finally possible. Learn English online with Speakily and get real results!

Do you want to learn English online? Speakily ensures quality training with the help of certified American and British teachers. Get private classes and an innovative, personalised learning program. Prepare for your future by learning from home! Want to know more about how we can help you to improve your English? Get in touch now!

Speakily - Learning English Online



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