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Spoken English abbreviations often used in business

Have you noticed that in spoken English, abbreviations are often used which makes information shorter and easier to understand?

Using spoken English abbreviations is useful when you want to express yourself as briefly as possible in a business situation. The following abbreviations are often used in business. Let’s learn some useful spoken English abbreviations together.

Useful business abbreviations

  • A.S.A.P.: A.S.A.P is very commonly used in spoken English as well as in written English. It is the short form of ‘as soon as possible’. English speakers use it to explain that they will take an action quickly or to indicate that they want you to react or reply quickly.
  • D.I.Y: This acronym stands for “do it yourself”. It is frequently used in spoken English and written English. It means to create or make something yourself and it often used for home repairs.
  • NP: This can be used in business text or emails. It is an informal was of simply “no problem” in spoken English.
  • R.S.V.P.: This acronym is usually used on written invitations to an event or party with limited places. It corresponds to the French phrase ‘Répondez s’il vous plaît’. It indicates that the invited person should ‘reply, please’ to confirm if they will or will not attend the event.
  • BTW: This abbreviation is more commonly used in writing than in spoken English. It means ‘By the way’ and can be used in an email correspondence or an informal letter.
  • F.A.Q: F.A.Q in spoken English is pronounced as faqs. It means ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and can be found at the bottom of most Internet sites as a text link to an online help page.
  • OTP: This is used when you have somebody on the phone with you. It is usually used in text or message form.
  • OTL: Everyone needs to have lunch. You can say “OTL” to tell other people that you are “out to lunch”.

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